How To..


Recover Forgot Password

Go to Website Home page. Locate "MEMBERS LOGIN" section in top right of the page and click "Forgot Password? Click here" link. It will take you to forgot password page.

Fill out your registered email address in Email field and click Submit button provided on the page.

We will send you an email with your password at your registered address. If you cannot find email in your inbox please also check SPAM folder.

Understanding Dashboard

Member Dashboard contains following main components.

  • Member Details
  • Announcements
  • Personal Library
  • Calendar

Member Details

Show which member is logged in. Also provides a link to My Account, where logged in member can update their profile information. Section also provide link to logout and help section of the site.


Show a scrollable list of current running announcements.

Personal Library

Show a scrollable list of files uploaded for all registered members of the club.


Calendar can be viewed in DAY and MONTH mode. Calendar shows public events and your facility reservations for a particular day or a month depending upon view.

You can switch between views by clicking DAY / MONTH link provided on calendar tab. You can also activate day view by clicking date in month view of the calendar.

Calendar Icon -

Public Event Icon (only for mobile web pages)

Golf Reservation Icon

Restaurant Reservation Icon

Spa Reservation Icon

Tennis Reservation Icon

Day View - Show a list all public events, reservation for the day in detail. To view complete reservation detail you will have click on "detail" link provided against each entry.

Register as New Member

Go to Website Home page. Locate "MEMBERS LOGIN" section in top right of the page and click "New member but don’t have your login yet?" link. Fill out the inquiry form and click Send Message.

Change Member Details

Click on "My Account" link provided in Member Details section on top left corner.

Change desired fields and click Save.

Change Password

If you wish to change password click on "Change Password" button on account info page.

On change password page provide you old password and a new password, click save.

Make A Reservation

Click on Facility link provided in Reservation section on top of the page.

  1. Step 1 - Choose a Course for golf or provide a Service name for spa facility, for tennis and restaurant ignore this step.
  2. Step 2 - Choose a Reservation Date. You can not choose past date.
  3. Step 3 - Choose a preferred available time. Some time slots might not appear in list becuase they must be reserved already.
  4. Step 4 - Invite a guest. This is optional. A member can invite other members or a non member as guest. You have to click Add Guest for each guest entry.
  5. Step 5 - Click Make Reservation.

Upon successful completion website will send you and invited guests a mail related to the reservation. If reservation attempts in a failure website will show probable cause of failure as well. If reservation was made but website could not send email it will show RESERVATION ID on the page.

Cancel a Reservation

Go to MY DASHBOARD on header tab.

Click on the Date of reservation and go to Day mode of calendar. Click on details link on the respected reservation records, it will take you to reservation details page.

On Reservation details page you can delete a reservation by click "Delete Reservation" button.